Five reasons why people fall in love with synchro skating this week-end


Synchronized skating at an ISU Grand Prix Final event. Barcelona hosts this weekend five teams. They come from all around the world and will present their free program on Saturday afternoon. That’s the first time our sport will take part to such event, next to other skating disciplines as pairs, individuals or ice dance.

Here are 5 reasons why synchro skating will charm the Spanish public:

1. Synchro skating is spectacular!

Precision, speed and strength… We aren’t doing the same elements alone or in a pair program or in a team with 15 other people who skate very close. Lifts, intersections or acrobatics are some of the synchro skating particularities that the public always appreciate!


2. Synchro skating shows unexpected elements

A synchro free program is composed by some obligatory elements. Each team in Barcelona will present:

   > 2 different intersections
   > 1 moves element
   > 1 no hold element
   > 1 pivoting element
   > 1 traveling element
   > 1 group lift element
   > 1 linear or rotating element
   > 1 move, pair or synchronized spin element
   > 1 creative or combined element

3. With synchro skating, we share the emotions and the victories

Synchronized skating is also a friendship history. All along the year, the skaters work together, share difficulties, pains and fortunately also incredible moments. On the ice, a team is skating as one person. It’s so impressive when 16 girls (and also men) skate together for the same goal!

Rockettes, 2015 /Credits : Rockettes

4. The teams in Barcelona are some of the bests in the world

   > Representing Canada… NEXXICE from Burlington, Ontario. The World’s Champions 2015!

   > Representing Russie… PARADISE from St-Petersburg. 3rd at the 2015 Worlds in Hamilton (CAN), the good surprise of last season.

   > Representing USA… HAYDENETTES from Lexington (Massachusetts). The team’s founder, Lynn Benson, will be accompanying the girls to Barcelona!

   > Representing Finland… ROCKETTES from Helsinki. This team is known everywhere in the synchro world because of their originals programs.

   > And representing Sweden… Team SURPRISE from Gothenburg. The team was in a training camp in Austria a few days ago, let’s see this weekend the results of their work!

5. Together, we’re stronger!

16 skaters in a team… 32 blades… And one only heart.