Team Berlin Juniors, the german’s succession guaranteed

The team we present today is the best junior team in Germany. Why ? Because Team Berlin Juniors won german national Championships 15 times. The team finished at the 11th place at the Juniors Worlds 2015 and 5th at the last Spring Cup (Italy) and Mozart Cup (Austria).

Founded in 1995 with the name « Silver Shadows », the talented formation has a famous European coach and choreographer: Gert Hofmann. He’s supported by two assistant coaches Bianca Janke and Marco Derpa. The team practices five times a week. It contains ice, but also parts of athletics, technic exercises, and ballet.

This season, Team Berlin Juniors will present a short and sequined program on the song « Diamonds are the Girls best friend / Material Girl » from the Glee Cast Version. For the free program, the team will skate on the soundtrack of Cinderella.

Credits : Team Berlin Juniors, 2015

A few practical information

Category: Junior ISU
Number of skaters: 23 (22 girls and 1 boy)
Club: Berliner TSC
Competitions 2015-2016:

   > German National Championships (01/9-10/2016, Berlin)
   > Mozart Cup (01/22-24/16, Austria)
   > Budapest-Cup (02/25-27/2016, Hungary)
   > Junior World Challenge Cup Zagreb (03/11-12/2016, Croatia)

The team’s message : « We really want to start this international season. One of our goals is to have good competitions with a lot of other teams from all over the world competing. Good season to everyone! »


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