Merging Edge Team, because Mexico must be represented


Credits : Merging Edge 

Merging Edge is the first synchro team in Mexico since the sport switched from being called « precision skating ». The Senior team, 22nd at the Worlds 2015, skates in an international level since now four seasons.

« We hope that everyone can see how much love and dedication we have put into this 2015-2016 season »

—  Merging Edge

For the team, the most important thing is to represent the country and to show that Mexico has potential and tries to excel, no matter what circumstances the team may encounter. For instance last year, from December to up to a week before Worlds, Merging Edge had no ice to train on and the team trained only off the ice. Anyway, the team still went to Worlds in Canada to keep a promise the skaters made : to finish what they started! « We may have had a lot of problems and mistakes during the competition, but it was important for us to remember why we do this: We love being on the ice and we love being part of this sport. » write Merging Edge this week.

A new start

This season, the Mexico team will excel herself: « We are turning the page to try and conquer everything we couldn't last season because of our technical difficulties ». The two main coaches are also skating on the senior team this season. Both have gone to Worlds as single skaters. « We hope you all enjoy our work! » added the team.