Synchro teams also do #MannequinChallenge

After Harlem Shake and Ice Bucket Challenge, now this is the time for Mannequin Challenge! Social media has been rocked by a new trend since a few days. Synchro teams around the world have taken up the challenge. Let’s discover 10 videos!

Who never heard about Mannequin Challenge? This new internet’s trend. The principle is simple: a group of participants who assume a frozen pose while a camera walks through the scene.

In North America

According to several information sources, the mannequin challenge appears to have originated in a high school in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). The video has been shared thousands of times.

In Great Britain 

#MannequinChallenge Wight Jewels style!

Une vidéo publiée par WightJewelsGB (@wightjewelsgb) le

In Sweden

Here's our #mannequinchallenge 😝

Une vidéo publiée par TEAM CONVIVIUM (@teamconvivium) le

A lot of famous personalities like celebrated sports champions, stars like Destiny’s Child, Hillary Clinton or even synchro teams around the world did a mannequin challenge video.

In Finland

#mannequinchallenge 😎#teammystique #synchronizedskating

Une vidéo publiée par Team Mystique (@teammystiquehsk) le

#mannequinchallenge ⛸ kiitos haasteesta @vbsnics ! Haastamme @reflectionsfin & @revolutionsfin 😉

Une vidéo publiée par Blue Arrows ↠ (@bluearrowsfin) le

Here's our #mannequinchallenge 🌟 Enjoy! #marigoldiceunity #mannequin

Une vidéo publiée par Marigold IceUnity (@marigoldiceunity) le

To realize the original mannequin challenge, you should use the hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd's new song « Black Beatles » in the background. According to Billboard, this song has been streamed over 35 million times since its introduction.

In Italy

#mannequinchallenge #mannequin #challenge #hotshivers #hs #iceskating #team #synchro #dressingroom

Une vidéo publiée par HOT SHIVERS (@hotshivers_official) le

And also in Germany

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