November is ending with Winter Cup

One of the first international competition took place last weekend in Belgium. Winter Cup gathered this year  in Gullegem 34 teams from different categories. Have a look at the results! 

ISU competition

In the Senior category, Team Berlin 1 already marked the difference after the short program. The team finished with a 81 points lead on the British Team Zariba (78,68 points). Team Illumination from Netherlands is very close too with a total score of 77,49 points. The Belgian from Team Temptation Senior is 4th (67,14 points).

By Juniors, the victory went to Team Berlin Junior (total score: 109,01 points). Icicles from Great Britain won the silver medal (99,06 points) and Jeanne d’Arc from France the bronze one (96,14 points). The British Solway Stars and the French Chrysalides completed this category.

Finally it's the 1st place after a great competition 🎉🏆 #winner #wintercup #teamgermany #belgium

Une vidéo publiée par Team Berlin Juniors 🇩🇪 (@tbjgermany) le

Three Novice Advanced teams were engaged this year at Winter Cup. With a total of 40,71 points, Team Shadows from Great Britain won the competition. Team Berlin Novice is second and Chrysalides from France finished 3rd.

Non-ISU competition

In the Mixed Age category, the German Butterfl’Ice won the gold title in Belgium (35,25 points). The British Rocking Robins are 2nd with only 3 points less. The bronze title went to Solway Stars (31,63 points).

The other winners of this competition were all Belgian teams: Phoenix (Senior B), Ice Fever (Junior B) and Team Temptation Novice (Basic Novice), Team Temptation also won the Juvenile competition and Iceclusif get the gold in the Adult’s field.

Winter Cup 2016 - SENIOR ISU

1Team Berlin 1 (GER)49.47110.26159.73
2Team Zariba (GBR)28.2450.4478.68
3Team Illumination (NED)28.8948.677.49
4Team Temptation (BEL)19.9747.1767.14

Winter Cup 2016 - JUNIOR ISU

1Team Berlin Junior (GER)37.0571.96109.01
2Icicles (GBR)33.7465.3299.06
3Jeanne D'Arc (FRA)33.5262.6296.14
4Solway Stars (GBR)26.4553.2479.69
5Chrysalides (FRA)24.7542.5667.31

Winter Cup 2016 - Advanced Novice

1Shadows (GBR)40.74
2Team Berlin Novice (GER)36.34
3Chrysalides Novice (FRA)31.04

Winter Cup 2016 - SENIOR B

1Phoenix (BEL)46.06
2Chrysalides Senior (FRA)35.04

Winter Cup 2016 - JUNIOR B

1Team Illuminettes (NED)46.43
2Team Ixia (BEL)35.76
3Ice Fever (BEL)29.19

Winter Cup 2016 - BASIC NOVICE

1Minifl'Ice (GER)33.20
2Whizz Kids (GBR)31.95
3Team Illuminice (NED)31.20
4Team Temptation Novice (BEL)27.22
5The Ice Cubes (BEL)20.15

Winter Cup 2016 - JUVENILLE

1Silhouettes (GBR)29.41
2Team Illumini's (NED)19.41

Winter Cup 2016 - MIXED AGE

1Butterfl'Ice (GER)35.25
2Rocking Robins (GBR)32.13
3Solway Eclipse (GBR)31.63
4Crystallice (BEL)22.13
5Team Illuminique (NED)22.01

Winter Cup 2016 - ADULT

1 Iceclusif (BEL) 20.72

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