Italy has new synchro champions

Ladybirds - free program. /Credits : Diego Barbieri, FISG

Curtains closed at the Italian National Championships held this year at the Wurth Arena in Egna. Five Junior and three Senior teams joined the challenge to be crowned champions.

On the first day of the short program, both categories were most focused on alignment through the elements and deep edges for steps and turns. Sadly there were a few falls but all the skaters reacted strongly and were able to retain their position and thus completing the programs.

The Senior podium. /Credits : Diego Barbieri, FISG

Hot Shivers won the short program in Junior with 43 points (Technical score, TES: 20.66). Ice on Fire placed 2nd (37.16 points, with a TES of 18.34 points). At the 3rd place, Ladybirds who earned 31.77 points (TES: 15.37 points) finished 3rd.

By Seniors, Hot Shivers did the best in short program with 43 points (TES: 20.66 points). This team is followed by Flying Angels with 28.18 points and a TES of 13.30 points. Crazy Splinters were the bronze medalist after the short with a total of 24.61 points (TES of 12.23 points).

The Junior podium. /Credits : Elisa Parini

On Friday, the free program segment didn't bring changes to the standings, even though the programs were skated better than in Aosta. In fast, the scores were higher than the previous competition.

There was only one scaring moment in the Senior segment, during a lift element one of the supporting skaters fell thus making the lifted one fall hard on her face, luckily she was able to somehow protect herself and so she skated the whole program.

Shining Blades durung their short program. /Credits : Diego Barbieri, FISG

Nationals 2016 Italy - JUNIOR

1Hot Shivers (ITA)43.0076.33119.33
2Ice on Fire (ITA)37.1669.53106.69
3Ladybirds (ITA)31.7751.1782.94
4Shining Blades (ITA)28.2143.1071.31
5Ice Diamonds (ITA)23.8842.4766.35

Nationals 2016 Italy - SENIOR

1Hot Shivers (ITA)49.1288.14 137.26
2Flying Angels (ITA)28.1864.0992.27
3Crazy Splinters (ITA)24.6156.8081.41

All detailed results

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