Almost 5000 blades competed at Colonial Classic

The 33rd annual Colonial Classic took place last weekend in Lowell, a city located in Massachusetts, USA. This non-qualifying competition brought together about 150 teams from across the country.

The competition started on Friday with the Open Juvenile, Preliminary, and Pre-Juvenile A divisions. During 3 days, 27 categories were engaged.

Skyliners from New York did a very good weekend. After Junior’s victory in Berlin, Skyliners won 1st in the Novice division with 58.82 points. Five points behind, Ice Mates earned the silver medal in Lowell (53.94 points). Team Image finished at the 3rd place with a total of 51.98 points.

The New Yorker Skyliners also placed 1st in the Juvenile division (45.36 points). Mini Mates were 2nd with a 2 point difference and Team Delaware finished 3rd with 41.68 points.

In the Intermediate’s field, Star Mates from the Hayden Recreation Centre took the gold in the group A with 56.61 points and DC EDGE did the best in the group B, earning 55.17 points. Philadelphia Symmetry, Team Excel, Skyliners and Team Image are the other 2017 Intermediate medalists.

Only 3 Juniors teams competed during this weekend in Lowell. Lexettes were the champion of both event (short and free), earning a total score of 145.62 points. Synchroettes from Essex finished 2nd with 101.36 points and Team Ashburn, representing Washington, placed 3rd (92.86 points).

Team Excel took the gold in the Adult category (45.28 points). The Colonials were 2nd and Gotham City Synchro placed 3rd.

Colonial Classic 2017 - INTERMEDIATE GROUP A

1Star Mates (USA)56.61
2Skyliners (USA)54.74
3Team Image (USA)53.19
4Team Delaware (USA)52.07
5Icing on the Cape (USA)43.51
6Superettes (USA)42.74
7National Blades (USA)40.15
8Richmond Synchro (USA)38.80
9Cleveland Edges (USA)37.42

Colonial Classic 2017 - INTERMEDIATE GROUP B

1DC EDGE (USA)55.17
2Philadelphia Symmetry (USA)51.55
3Team Excel (USA)49.57
4Synchroettes (USA)44.90
5The Colonials (USA)44.32
6Mirror Images (USA)42.96
7Team Ashburn (USA)42.78
8Synchro Stars (USA)40.59
9Central Park Ice (USA)39.63
10Precisely Right (USA)36.63

Colonial Classic 2017 - NOVICE

1Skyliners (USA)58.82
2Ice Mates (USA)53.94
3Team Image (USA)51.98
4Teams Elite (USA)49.16
5DC EDGE (USA)48.28
6Philadelphia Symmetry (USA)46.60
7Synchroettes (USA)43.42
8Cleveland Edges (USA)43.36

Colonial Classic 2017 - JUNIOR

1Lexettes (USA)50.2695.36145.62
2Synchroettes (USA)36.1865.18101.36
3Team Ashburn (USA)36.0460.8296.86

All divisions