Rockettes leads Finnish Nationals after the short programs

Rockettes short program (FIN). /Credits : Kirsi Laine

Saturday night culminated in Senior’s short program in Espoo Metro Arena. All the three best teams exceeded 70 points in their short program and they are within three points before the drama will continue on Sunday. Every of them has still a fair chance to win the whole competition.

In Seniors, Rockettes made a good performance and gathered 73.14 points with their program Mirror, mirror. Marigold IceUnity is quite on the stubs, Matadors got 72.24 points and they are in the second position.

Marigold Ice Unity short program (FIN). /Credits : Milhail Lefler

Team Unique didn´t do their very best TU goes Ramalama – performance but their energetic and versatile program earned 71.28 points and this third place keeps them tightly in the competition. Revolutions had two unfortunate falls in their Helele program, got 50.58 points and fourth position.

Team Unique short program (FIN) /Credits : Tero Wester Photography

In the Junior division, Team Fintastic with their Sky is in the lead. Their beautiful short program earned 60.72 points.

Very near behind is Team Mystique which was one of the most successful and happiest teams of the night; their Mad World got 59.56 points and second place. Skating old common Finnish song Sunray and Goblin, Musketeers was third with 57.14 points and the surprise team of this season, Dream Edges was fourth earning 53.50 points.

The fight for the medals on Sunday will be almost as exciting as in Senior’s free program competition.


Dream Edges (FIN). /Credits : Tero Wester Photography

Team Dynamique won the Novice competition quite clearly with 67.80 points.

Finnish champions 2017!❤🏆 #overtherainbow #dreamsreallydocometrue 🌈 thank you for cheering us today!✨

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Starlights got 64.35 points and silver medal, the Finettes were third earning 63.11 points.

It was delightful to see the variety of the 12 Novice team´s programs and the extremely high the level of their skating skills.

Together we are one ❤ #hlfamily

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On Sunday, the Junior event will start at 2 PM (local time) and the Senior Free Skate at 4:28 PM in Espoo, Finland.

National Championships Finland - ADVANCED NOVICE

1Team Dynamique (FIN)67.80
2Starlights (FIN)64.35
3Finettes (FIN)63.11
4Diamond Edges (FIN)59.21
5Blue Arrows (FIN)50.93
6Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)46.54
7Sun City Synchro (FIN)46.51
8Dream Steps (FIN)46.40
9CrystalBlades (FIN)46.34
10Ice Fantasy (FIN)41.92
11Team Soleil (FIN)41.04
12Aurora Borealis (FIN)38.68

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