Spring Cup final day, Russia takes it all!


Awards ceremony in Milan. /Credits : Elisa Parini

On Saturday and Sunday, the international Spring Cup 2017 took place in PalaSesto di Sesto San Giovanni in Milan. Junior and Senior teams presented their free program in front of the panel and the audience.

In the Junior segment, Team Crystal Ice from Moscow won the gold by skating an emotional free program on Beethoven's music (free program: 102.83 points). From the most complicate steps, to the smaller hand gestures the program was executed with an outstanding precision.

With 63.48 points, Team Cool Dreams Junior did the second best free program with a very entertaining Super Mario Bros program, the skaters got really immersed in the role! But the silver medal went to Hot Shivers who skated a clean program skated on Sherlock Holmes' music. Their free program brought them 61.33 points.

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In the Senior segment with a strong skated program, team Tatarstan won the first place displaying all the precision of the skating skills typical of the Russian school, another clean and engaging program on Charlie Chaplin's music (score for the free: 122.12 points).

Team Les Zoulous took the silver medal with a sparkling execution of a rock medley, even after a fall they reacted fast and were able to perform their last element, finishing the program. They earned 94.50 points.

For the third place there were a close call between Team Passion and Hot Shivers. The first skated a very nice program on Sex and the City 2 music, the public loved it, but it wasn't enough and so for an handful of points they ended up in fourth place. Hot Shivers from Italy finished with the bronze medal.

Results - TOP 3

Spring Cup 2017
Sesto San Giovanni, Milano (ITA)
FEB 25, 2017 - FEB 26, 2017

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)46.34
2Ladybirds (ITA)37.05
3Skating Graces (GER)36.74

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)159.88
2Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)102.94
3Cool Dreams (SUI)97.43

TEAM Score
1Team Tatarstan (RUS)186.23
2Zoulous (FRA)143.06
3Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)132.44