Hevelius Cup seeks more international teams for 2018 edition


In February, Poland hosted first edition of International Synchro Ice Skating Championships Hevelius Cup. An organizer of the event Agnieszka Filipowicz told Jura Synchro about her impressions from the competition and future of synchro skating in Poland.

How did you come up with an idea to organize Hevelius Cup?
Agnieszka Filipowicz: In Poland every year a different Synchro Club organizes National Championships. There are clubs in Gdansk, Torun, Lodz and other cities. This year it was our turn, and I suggested combining Polish Championships with National Competitions.

Agnieszka Filipowicz with her athletes in Poland. /Credits : Bert Egelmeers

What are you impressions from Hevelius Cup? What went well and what would you change?
Agnieszka Filipowicz: We definitely need more people responsible for the organization next time. This time it was me, a secretary of my club Marcin Miedlarz, a manager Jacek Holubowski, and 40 parents-volunteers. The competition went well, I think. Some teams from Belgium and Germany have already written to us that they are interested in participate next year.

So do you plan to do Hevelius Cup in 2018?
Agnieszka Filipowicz: Yes! We need to attract more international teams. This year there were only Holland and Russia; a team from Turkey planned to come, but eventually couldn’t do it. Now, luckily people start talking about us and we hope to do something bigger next year.

Team Ice Fire (POL) /Credits : Ice Fire

Can you please tell more about your club SKF Iceskater?
Agnieszka Filipowicz: I have started it about five years ago. At that time it was hard to find children with good skating skills, but there were girls, who truly wanted to skate, and we started working. I wanted to make a real team, where one for all and all for one. It was important to motivate girls to train regularly and work hard.  Now there are already seven teams performing in Poland and abroad.   

What plans do you have with SKF Iceskater for the near future?
Agnieszka Filipowicz: For now my priority is to prepare our Junior team Ice Fire for World Synchronized Skating Championships. Next year we plan to participate in Mozart Cup and competitions in Budapest. I think their performance will also motivate younger teams.

See you next year, Hevelius Cup and welcome in the synchro family!