Synchro skating in the spotlight at the Worlds in Helsinki


Team Unique, a few seconds before their performance in Helsinki. /Credits : Ville Penttinen

The 2017 World Figure Skating Championships were held 29 March to 2 April 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. On this occasion, three Seniors teams presented to the public an incredible performance, unprecedented in an opening gala. The video has been viewed about 80 000 times.

1 program. 60 synchro skaters. Team Rockettes, Team Unique and Marigold Ice Unity skated an original program called "Reflection" during the Figure Skating Worlds a few days ago in Helsinki. Interview with Annis, manager of the Marigold Ice Unity.

How did you prepare for this show?
Annis: The teams have met many times to build the program together. These trainings were apart from their usual trainings. These rehearsals were organized on several rinks in Helsinki and Espoo.

Who did the choreography?
Annis: The program was created by two former synchro skaters, Nina Sandsund and Sini Aarnio-Kurki, who were part of the organizing committee of the ISU Championships. The teams have been invited by the Finnish Skating Federation and this information arrived early in the season, so the teams had time to built the program together.

What feedback did you receive from the public and ISU members?
Annis: The public feedback has been very positive. People liked the program and the gala as a whole; Many spectators thought this performance was nice and it was refreshing to see synchro skating in this gala!