Editorial: These World Championships will be remembered

Team Canada 1, Nexxice /Credits : Roy Ng

These 2017 World Championships in Colorado Springs (USA) will remain in memory by many fans, coaches and skaters. The full stadium, the smell of the candies and the popcorns, but also the sometimes controversial podium and the ever higher performances of the teams will mark this competition. Edito.

Colorado Springs, this rocky stretch from which snow-capped peaks rise. The 18th edition of the World Championships took place last weekend in the middle of the United States. 24 teams from 19 nations were represented. They skated for one goal: win the gold.

The first surprise came from Team Paradise, who showed up on Friday night with short programs with 15 skaters, instead of 16. Then the 2016 champions did it again the next day with an impressive performance. The free program was executed with an incredible precision. It seems like this program was built for 15. However, even with three lifts instead of four, the Russians maintained their supremacy by winning gold ... 0.12 in front of the Finnish Marigold Ice Unity.

World Champions!!!🇷🇺🥇❤️ Мы до сих пор не можем в это поверить!!!!К сожалению судьба распорядилась так,что мы были вынуждены выступать в составе 15 человек-наша девочка получила травму на тренировке в Колорадо...😔Но мы доказали себе,что мы сильные,и не зависим от обстоятельств!Спасибо тренерскому составу за безмерную веру в нас!Благодаря Вам,мы сегодня сильнейшая команда Мира!Дорогие болельщики,простите нас,за то что не можем ответить всем,мы читаем все ваши сообщения,и поздравления!!!Спасибо Вам!Целуем и любим!!! Сегодня мы доказали,что на данный момент,Российское синхронное катание-лучшее в мире!!! @_team_junost_rus

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Marigold Ice Unity has delivered two very beautiful programs, full of emotions. In the hearts of many fans in the audience, the Finnish champions had everything to take gold. But for a few hundredths, the first place slipped between their fingers. The MIU will have to settle for silver, as in 2015, when the Nexxice were crowned champions in their own country.

Colorado Springs was amazing! 🏔💚✨ #marigoldiceunity #gardenofthegods #skatingfinland #coloradosprings #wssc2017 #worldsynchro

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Nexxice, let's talk about this team. The athletes from Burlington presented one of the most touching free programs of the evening. Entitled "The Widow," the skaters impressed the panel and the audience with their precision and emotional performance.

But the competition also counted a lot of disappointments and bad surprises.

Les Suprêmes, also representing Canada, started the World Championships with an unfortunate injury. One skater lacerated a muscle during the Friday night Event but skated the short program until the end. Pushed to their last limits, and despite all the upsets, Team Canada 2, was incredible on Saturday night and flied to the title "Alive" of Sia. The team presented a wonderful free program, without errors. This is a great example of courage and team spirit that deserves to be emphasized.

Bad surprise also among the Rockettes, for whom everything had started well. After a very nice short program on Friday, the team from Helsinki lined up several falls during the free program, losing in the performance a piece of their costume on the ice. 3rd after the short program, the Finnish finished 5th of these World Championships.

Saturday was not our day. We started our strong free program with determination. Unfortunately before the end of our performance we had some bad luck with us and there happened some falls. We fought through the obsticles but ended up 5th in the competition. Nothing is sure in this sport and anything can happen, but we feel strong because no one goes through these difficulties alone - we're a team. One competition doesn't define us, we define ourselves. This trip to Colorado Springs was an amazing experience and the time spent with this team is something we'll cherish forever. We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us along our journey this season, you mean the world to us. Thank you our parents, fans and everyone who has stood with us all the way! 💛 #Rockettes #RCKT Photo: Kiki van Gool Fotografie

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Embellished with the smell of popcorn and candies, the beautiful Broadmoor World Arena was practically filled up with local and international spectators. And as an American coach wrote so rightly after the competition:

« Synchro has never looked so good. We saw some absolutely breathtaking performances. The discussion that started because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the winning team will force us to re-evaluate our protocols and rules. We should welcome open discussion. That is the only way for us all to work together towards our common goal, the Olympics. »

Goodbye Colorado Springs. We already looking forward to the 2018 edition in Stockholm, Sweden!

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