Adult teams in Oberstdorf, Germany

The 2016 ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition took place this weekend in Oberstdorf, Germany. Five teams from four different countries were engaged. But it’s difficult for skaters to compete in June because ice is often missing. Three teams speak about their experience.

Team Berlin Adult - Germany

This German team comes and has 2 training session per week. The 13 skaters (between 26 and 51 years old) are coached by Angela Caspary. They’re skating this season on Shania Twain’s music.

« Oberstdorf is the highlight of our season »

—  Team Berlin Adult

Jura Synchro : What’s the importance of this competition in Oberstdorf ? 

Team Berlin Adult : The competition is an international competition and the highlight of our season. That’s a great event and journey. It is not only about competing but having fun altogether. 

Jura Synchro : How did you practice for this competition ? 

Team Berlin Adult : Due to the late date of the competition, we faced quite some challenges. With ice rinks closing in the summer getting ice times was not easy. But with many hours of off-ice training and a few ice times during the last weeks, we made the best of it. 

Jura Synchro : Why is adult team important for the sport ? 

Team Berlin Adult : Adult teams are important to communicate and represent the sport itself bringing it to the broad public. 

Representing Berlin in Oberstdorf. /Credits: Team Berlin Adult

Team Red Sunshine - Germany

« We are 16-18 skaters. The team exists since 2003 and we still have skaters from the beginning. As in Europe, the entry age is lower (21 years old), we decided to compete in the Adult category, instead of Mixed Age. Our coach is Rebecca Schedl-Warpup, a former teammate and co-coach is Anne Schmittner (team member). »

« We are looking forward to our first ISU adult competition »

—  Team Red Sunshine

Jura Synchro : How did you practice for this competition ?

Team Red Sunshine : Unfortunately, we don’t have ice to practice for almost 8 weeks. We usually have ice (believe it or not) on an outdoor rink between oct.-mid March, once a week. We want to enjoy our program here and want to show how much fun synchro skating is.

Jura Synchro : Why is adult team important for the sport ? 

Team Red Sunshine : Adult team event is very important as it gives skaters the chance to keep skating or to return after a break. Its a great spirit of comradeship and it’s so much fun. We are looking forward to our First ISU adult comp. The skaters always emphasized the spirit of this competition. 

The skates of Red Sunshine's team. /Credits: Team Red Sunshine

Team Dizharmony - Sweden

This Swedish team is coached by Karolin Morisso and Amanda Insulan. The theme this year is Heroes, with music from Bonnie Tyler and Måns Zelmerlöv. They’re practicing 50 minutes per week on ice (Thursdays between 22.00-22.50!). Team Dizharmony is composed by 19 skaters (of which 3 are men), aged from 27 to 62, the average age is 45. A total of 17 team members travelled to Oberstdorf.

« We have been the only adult team in Sweden »

—  Team Dizharmony

Jura Synchro : What’s the importance of this competition in Oberstdorf ? 

Team Dizharmony : To have fun and meet other teams. 

Jura Synchro : Why is adult team important for the sport ? 

Team Dizharmony : Up until this year we have been the only adult team in Sweden so going abroad to meet and get to know competitors. We have participated in 2011 and 2014 and like the venue very much. Very well organized and we enjoy a competition only for adults.

Jura Synchro : What was your ambition for this competition ? 

Team Dizharmony : Our ambition is to dominate the dance floor at the closing party ;) ! 

Team Dizharmony ready for the ISU competition in Germany. /Credits: Team Dizharmony

All results

1 Starlight Diamonds (SUI) 39.04
2 Team Berlin Adult (GER) 37.26
3 Team Red Sunshine (GER) 32.91
4 Team Scotian Waves (CAN) 32.73
5 Team Dizharmony (SWE) 32.17

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