Interview of Nathalie Lindqvist, Synchro representative ISU Athlete


Nathalie Lindqvist is skating with Team Surprise from Sweden. /Credits: Nathalie Lindqvist

You probably saw her on the ice many times but you don’t know that she’s got now a huge function at the ISU. Nathalie Lindqvist is 25 years old and lives in Gothenburg with her partner where she’s working as a financial advisor at Nordea bank. A few months ago, she’s been elected as Synchronized Skating representative ISU Athlete.

Could you speak about your synchro career?
Nathalie Lindqvist: I started skating when I was 3 years old. I was 8 when I started synchro in Team Bluebird, a novice team and continued until I was 16, which is the age limit for novice. I did this at the same time as single skating. After I was too old for Team Bluebird I decided to just focus on single skating but began with synchro again in 2010 when I joined Team Surprise. Andrea Dohany has been my coach since I started skating. During my years as a senior synchro skater I have taken part in 7 World Championships, including when we won the gold medal at the 2012 World Championships in Gothenburg.

Nathalie Lindqvist and the Team Surprise. /Credits : Nathalie Lindqvist

You’ve been elected as Synchronized Skating representative ISU Athlete. What does that mean?
Nathalie Lindqvist: My mission of the ISU Athletes Commission is to represent the views of the athletes and make their voice heard within the ISU. It is about to hearing the athlete’s opinions and ideas. It could be rules, events, marketing of the sport, health and welfare etc. I will support the ISU in its mission to develop and promote the sport and will engage actively with initiatives and projects that protect and support clean athletes on and off the field of play. And of course I will be an ambassador to help increase the popularity of skating and inspire youths.

Nathalie Lindqvist and the Team Surprise. /Credits :

When have you been elected?
Nathalie Lindqvist: I found out that I had been selected to represent synchro in the ISU Athletes Commission back in January.

What did you do to be chosen? Did you send a candidacy?
Nathalie Lindqvist: I wrote an application to our Swedish Figure Skating Association who then processed it. They then sent my nomination on to ‘The ISU Commission’.

What were the conditions to be elected?
And what will be her projects for synchronized skating?
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