«I want to be an ambassador», Nathalie Lindqvist


Nathalie Lindqvist is skating with Team Surprise in Sweden. /Credits: Nathalie Lindqvist

She has been elected as representative in ISU Athletes Commission for synchronized skating. At 25 years old, Nathalie Lindqvist comes from Gothenburg in Sweden. Discover now the second part of her interview.

What were the conditions to be elected?
Nathalie Lindqvist: The conditions were: to have competed in (senior) ISU Events and the respective discipline within previous four seasons before the season of the election. So the candidates must have competed during at least one of the seasons 2012-2017. Also to not have been sectioned for any violation of the ISU/World Anti-Doping Code and/or disciplinary and/or ethical offenses.

What is your role in this ISU Athletes Commission?
Nathalie Lindqvist: My role is to be an ambassador for synchro and represent all of us. I look forward to my mission and sharing what we, as skaters have to say. This Commission has been created during the 56th ISU Ordinary Congress 2016 in Dubrovnik (CRO).

Do you know why the new ISU president Jan Dijkema wanted to build that? What are the next steps for this Commission?
Nathalie Lindqvist: Everyone in the commission will meet for the first time during the summer and we will be able to give more information about the next step after the first meeting.

Nathalie Lindqvist /Credits : 

As the Synchro ISU representative Athlete, what would you say to the other synchro skaters around the world?
Nathalie Lindqvist: I want to be an ambassador and create a big network where we can work together to help synchro take another step forward. I have made a facebook page called Synchro Network that I would like to invite you to join. I will use this page for discussions and allow skaters to put forward ideas and suggestions to me. I want to be the skaters’ representative and convey our thoughts and ideas whilst working to take the next step forward.

In your opinion, how is doing synchro as a sport?
Nathalie Lindqvist: Synchro is a fantastic sport. Every year, we are developing more and more and synchro is not the same as it was just a few years ago. To be part of this development and to see all the progress we make, I am proud of. Sharing all moments together as a team is amazing and memories you will have for life.

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