Marie-France Sirois (CAN): "Work. Passion. Pleasure."

Marie-France Sirois, Nova's coach (CAN). /Credits: Nova Synchro

Marie-France Sirois is a certified Level 3 coach in Canada. She was a synchronized skater for nearly 30 years and she has trained at all levels from beginners to seniors and even adults. She has been working with the Nova teams since its creation in 2005. Follow this meeting.

This summer, the editorial staff of Jura Synchro meets synchro coaches around the world. For this first interview, departure on the south shore of Montreal, in Canada where lives Marie-France Sirois, coach of the team Nova senior.

Can you introduce yourself and explain your background?
Marie-France Sirois: I started with Nova since its creation in 2005 but I am mostly known for the Open team Nova that I have led to 6 consecutive titles of Canadian champions from 2011 to 2016. Now I'm the coach of Nova Senior, bronze medalists in the 2017 Canadian Championships. They train about 15 hours a week.

I want to share my passion for this sport!

—  Marie-France Sirois

Why did you decide to become a synchronized skating coach?
Marie-France Sirois: I was a member of a synchronized skating team for 10 years between 1980 and 1990. I wanted and always want to convey my passion for this sport.

What do you personally get synchronized skating?
Marie-France Sirois: Pushing ourselves to the limits and the happiness of doing a job that I love. The contact with young people, the pleasure of meeting them and seeing them grow.

Nova Senior at 2017 Winterfest. /Credits: Sean McKinnon 

Your highlight this season?
Marie-France Sirois: The performance of my team at the Canadian championships.

What is your assessment of this 2016-2017 season?
Marie-France Sirois: First season in the senior category. A beautiful season of discoveries and learning.

How do you plan summer with your teams?
Marie-France Sirois: Work. Passion. Pleasure.

What do you think synchro skaters should do during the summer and how?
Marie-France Sirois: I think we should take advantage of the summer to work on strength, flexibility, rhythm and the basics of skating. Ideally, each skill should be trained with a specialist.

And for next season, what's new for your teams?
Marie-France Sirois: More experience and maturity.

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