Team Paradise will present their new short program next October


Team Paradise is now working on their new programs during a summer camp. /Credits: Irina Yakovleva

Finlandia Trophy will be the first competition for the Senior World Champions 2016 and 2017, Team Paradise. The Russian team gives us some news about their summer preparation and their season.

"We are in a summer camp now. We began our new season 2017-18 in July," starts Irina Yakovleva, the coach of Team Paradise. For this season, the team will be able to count on new skaters in the team. "Every year after the World Championship some girls finish their career in sport. New girls come instead of them. It means that our first task is to make a team," says the coach.

A recovered team

"Last season we had injuries in the team before the World Championship in Colorado Springs (USA). Now, these skaters are fine. Unfortunately, we can't avoid injuries in sport. Our discipline is developing, the rules become more complicated, the difficulties are increasing. I wish all skaters to be healthy and safe in the season."

Team Paradise 2017-2018. /Credits: Irina Yakovleva

The team which practices in Saint Petersburg has also another goal for this new season: creating new programs. "If you have good programs highly evaluated in the world it is very difficult to choose music and find interesting ideas for the programs. It's a great responsibility to make the right choice," explains Irina Yakovleva. She adds: "I hope that our programs will be interesting and exciting again and the girls will touch the hearts of the audience and judges."

Finland, China, and France 

Team Paradise’s short program will be skated for the first time this season at the Finlandia Trophy in October. After this competition, Team Paradise is planning to take part in Shanghai Trophy and French Cup. "Our goal for the season to create good programs, skate well and to try to confirm the title of the World Champions," says the Russian coach. Time will tell.