[PARTNER] The Masters of Compiègne to start the season

The famous Zoulous, senior French champions, will participate in the Masters 2017. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Competition time has come. The Masters of Compiègne in France will open the 2017-2018 season of synchronized skating. Presentation of this competition with the event manager for the Synchronized Skating Commission at the FFSG, Stéphane Durieux.

Could you present this year's Masters in Compiègne?
Stéphane Durieux: The competition takes place only with the short programs for ISU teams and only with the free programs for Advanced, Junior B, and Senior B Novices. Sunday is devoted to the monitoring of the ISU teams, which will benefit from the advice of specialists and judges. The event will take place in the French city of Compiègne, close to Paris and easily accessible by road and train.

What makes this competition particular?
It is an excellent preparation competition for the teams. It's a good way to evaluate the level of a team at this stage of the season and this is also good to take the valuable advice of judges and specialists.

How many teams are expected?
We expect a dozen teams to allow time for everyone to work on the monitoring. The event favors quality rather than quantity.

What is the competition's program?
We will first discover the short programs of Juniors and ISU Seniors and then move on to the free programs for Novice Advanced, Junior B and Senior B.

How to register a team? And what are the costs?
The announcement is available at https://www.csnps.org/annoncement. It takes 290 € for the Saturday competition and 130 € for the monitoring.

Your favorite moment in this competition?
Beyond Saturday's competition, I think Sunday monitoring is an important and enriching moment for coaches and teams.

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