Finland prepares the 1st qualifications with a new regulation


Team Lumineers (FIN) /Credits : Roy Ng Photography

The Finnish Figure Skating Association has decided to change the criteria of qualification for the Synchronized Skating World Championships. The junior and senior teams in Finland are concerned.

How does it work?

From now, the new rules for senior teams are as follows:
- Team Finland 1 will be the winner of the Finnish Championship.
- Team Finland 2 will be the team that has by March 4th, 2018 gathered the best season scores taken into account all the Finnish and other ISU competitions during the season, when ignoring the scores of the first team already qualified Team Finland 1. Note that the scores in Nationals are also counted.

The new rules for junior teams are as follows:
- Team Finland 1 will be the winner of the Finnish qualification contest held on February 10 – 11th, 2018 for the Junior Worlds Championship (WJSSC).
- Team Finland 2 will be the team that has the highest season´s best scores as of February 12, 2018, when ignoring the scores of Team Finland 1.

Team Unique (FIN) /Credits : Janne Koistinen

Why is the system changing?

The Finnish Skating Association has good reasons for this change. First, if the team fails in a competition, the failure will be less fateful. It is possible to reach their best scores at each competition. Secondly, to be fair, the Finnish Skating Association wanted to add the results of the ISU international competitions to these criteria.

In addition, for junior teams, the second qualifier for the World Junior Championship in December was far too early in the season. From now on, teams will have more time to practice and develop their programs until February. Finally, according to the Association, these new criteria are now closer to what is found in other skating disciplines.

The Finnish teams will start their first qualifications this weekend with the first competition in Turku. Discover already the start list!

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