Italy: Ladybirds, junior winners in Mentana

The Ladybirds from Milan. / Credits: Ladybirds

On Sunday 3rd of November 2017, the first national synchronized skating competition took place in Mentana (RM). If the Ladybirds won the competition in the junior division, Flying Angels returned with gold in the senior category.

This competition marked the season's debut for many categories: Cadetti and Basic Novice A for the national segment, Juvenile and Mixed Age in the open one. In a general manner, all the new programs presented need a bit more training. The teams that were in Trento Cup showed already more refined performances. 

This competition was also valid to acquire the minimum technical score requested to participate in international competitions. Hot Shivers and Shining Blades in the Basic Novice category achieved this minimum score this time.

Gara Nazionale - SENIOR

1Flying Angels (ITA)33.9061.5395.43

Gara Nazionale - JUNIOR

1 Ladybirds (ITA) 25.25 57.41 82.66
2 Flying Angels (ITA) 26.50 52.92 79.42
3 Shining Blades (ITA) 28.00 50.37 78.37
4 Ice Diamonds (ITA) 19.55 45.68 65.23

Gara Nazionale - ADVANCED NOVICE

1Hot Shivers (ITA)47.51

All categories and results 

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