Ladybirds Junior in Neuchâtel, “ready to stay”

The Ladybirds Juniors will skate at the Tissot Neuchâtel Trophy 2018 this weekend in Switzerland. / Credits: Ladybirds

Meet Ladybirds Junior, an Italian team training in Agorà ice rink in Milan. Winner of the first national competition held in Mentana (Rome) and silver medallist at the Italian National Championships, this team is now preparing to enter their its international competition: the 2018 Tissot Neuchatel Trophy which will take place on Saturday and Sunday in Switzerland.

This year, the team has many new young skaters coming from the Advanced Novice category and even from other teams. So they had to work really hard to create the right chemistry to bring out all their capability and technique on the ice. To prepare for the upcoming ISU competition, special sessions of training and team building were organized and carried out by the coaches while the girls were always ready to give their 120% in every session on and off-ice. 

The staff created for example a custom dance hall for the team, adapted to the skaters' characteristics so they can warm up before the training. / Credits: Elisa Parini

A new training program

The Synchronized Skating director of Ladybirds teams decided to engage this year a new ballet teacher, who comes from "Teatro alla Scala di Milano". He helps the girls to work on their postures, and also on the expression and the grace during the performance.

To underline all their efforts toward body lines and flow of skating improvement, the coaches choose for the free program a mix of "Wonderwall" by Gregorian and "Flight of the Silverbird" by Two Steps From Hell. Every time in this segment, the girls express many emotions and let everybody see their maturity.

Of course, for the short program, the coaches wanted to keep the energy of the team. Their choice then turned to Christina Aguilera's "Here", a rhythmic and powerful music that allows girls to express their personality. For this music, skaters transform themselves from a delicate to a fierce character, their willingness and desire to go higher and higher. This is what this song expresses.

Skating this weekend near the lake of Neuchâtel to face international competitors, the team will show to the public and judges the fruit of its hard work. And as the Ladybirds family like to say: "Watch out, because we’re here to stay!"

Do not miss the performances of the Ladybirds this weekend!

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