The city of Sherbrooke hosted Quebec teams

NOVA Senior from Brossard and St-Hubert (CAN). / Credits: Sean McKinnon

For the second year in a row, the city of Sherbrooke organized the Regional Synchronized Skating Championships (CAN). What happened during this weekend?

While the French Cup was in full swing in Rouen, the skaters from the province of Quebec competed on the ice of Sherbrooke, Estrie (Quebec region). They performed their programs during the regional championships.

The competition started on Friday with Beginners I, II and Elementary. These teams received a certificate early in the afternoon, summarizing their performance against Skate Canada's evaluation standards criteria. Then the Pre-Juvenile (8), Juvenile (6), Pre-Novice (6), Adult PSY III (12) categories took place on the ice to perform their first performance. The end of the day ended with the official practices of the Intermediate (6) and Open (4) teams.

Pré-Juvénile - 1ère journée

1Golding Ice (CAN)10.22
2Illusion (CAN)9.24
3Les Fines Lames de Lévis (CAN)9.23

Juvénile - 1ère journée

1Nova (CAN)15.95
2Golding Ice (CAN)15.46
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)14.09

Pré-Novice - 1ère journée

1Les Ailes d’Argent (CAN)18.60
2Golding Ice (CAN)17.38
3Les Fines Lames de Lévis (CAN)15.06

Adulte PSY III - 1ère journée

1Les Rythmiks Lanaudière (CAN)9.43
2Les Pirouettes (CAN)9.37
3Évolution (CAN)8.99

On Saturday, February 3rd, the day began with the official practices of the teams Novice, Junior and Senior (short program). Then the Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, and PSY III Adult categories kicked out the skates for their last weekend performance. Later, Novice (2), Junior (1), Senior (1) Intermediate (6) and Open (4) started their competition. This second day ended after 10 PM with the categories Adult PSY I (5) and Adult PSY II (12).

Une belle médaille d’argent au régionaux! Bravo les filles!❤️⛸

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Pré-Juvénile - 2ème journée

1Golding Ice (CAN)29.99
2Illusion (CAN)27.25
3Les Fines Lames de Lévis (CAN)25.79

Juvénile - 2ème journée

1Golding Ice (CAN)49.02
2Nova (CAN)45.80
3Les Suprêmes (CAN)43.82

Pré-Novice - 2ème journée

1Les Ailes d’Argent (CAN)57.01
2Golding Ice (CAN)50.96
3Les Fines Lames de Lévis (CAN)46.82

Adulte PSY III - 2ème journée

1Les Rythmiks Lanaudière (CAN)28.53
2Les Pirouettes (CAN)28.48
3Les Fireballs (CAN)27.13

Novices Nova (33.21 pts) and Les Suprêmes (32.53 pts) have shown good progress since Winterfest. This announces a great competition for the Canadian championships at the end of February.


1Les Pirouettes (CAN)36.60
2Les Rythmiks Lanaudière (CAN)33.96
3Évolution (CAN)33.95


1Les Suprêmes (CAN)42.62
2Cassiopée (CAN)41.33
3Les Pirouettes (CAN)39.84

In the Junior division, Nova earned 41.22 pts, and the Senior Nova team totaled 63.56 pts.

Finally, on Sunday, the competition started with the two teams Novice, whose final ranking remained identical to the first performance; followed by the Intermediate teams where the Evolution team won the 2nd place in the final ranking. In the Open category, the four teams in contention kept the same ranking as on the first day.

The juniors performed a very good free program on the theme of Kill Bill (78.44 pts). And the Seniors delivered a very good performance technically and very emotional (122.84 pts).

After the medal ceremonies of these categories, the competition ended with the Adults (PSY I and PSY II)

Adulte PSY II

1Les Pirouettes (CAN)73.25
2Nova Spirit (CAN)71.02
3Golding Ice (CAN)69.43

Adulte PSY I

1Nova Spirit I (CAN)84.38
2Évolution (CAN)76.01
3Cassiopée (CAN)71.57

The next important competitions for these teams are:

  • Canadian Championships, February 24-25, 2018, Oshawa
  • SynchroSkate, March 3, in Kanata
  • Competition Invitation Constance-Bélanger, March 10, Charlesbourg
  • Synchro Mauricie Invitational Competition, March 24, in Trois-Rivières

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