Synchronized Skating has been proposed as a new "event" by the ISU

Will Team Paradise (RUS), two-time world champion in 2016 & 2017, skate one day for an Olympic medal? / Credits: Janne Koistinen

The chance to see synchronized skating at the Olympics stays intact. Marie Lundmark, Chair of the ISU Council, confirms today that an application has been sent for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Interview.

Regarding the last communication, is synchro considered as an «event» or a «new sport» for the IOC?
Marie Lundmark - The ISU Council applied to the IOC to get the event of Synchronized Skating which belongs to Figure Skating Branch to become the Olympic discipline. Synchronized Skating is proposed as a new "event" by the ISU.

When the ISU Council applied to the IOC to get the event of Synchronized Skating to become an Olympic discipline in Beijing?
The application was sent from the ISU to the IOC at the end of October 2017. The IOC has stated to the ISU that they expect to make a decision about new
"event" by June 2018. Nothing has changed.

Has synchronized skating still a chance to join the Olympic family in 2022?
We certainly hope the IOC will support the inclusion of Synchronized Skating event into the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Synchro is a new discipline but not a new sport.

—  Christopher Buchanan

«There is a clear difference in meaning between a new sport and an additional discipline of an existing sport. Synchro is a new discipline but not a new sport. We all have our fingers crossed for a positive outcome of our application,» ISU Chair of Synchronized Skating Christopher Buchanan said.

Remember, last summer, the ISU announced that a working group has been created to study the conditions for including synchronized skating in the program of the Olympic Winter Games.

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