Kids on Ice, the success story


Team Illuminettes /Credits : SkateSynchrophoto, Bert Egelmeers 

Do you know who are Kids on Ice? A club just about synchro skating based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. From this synchro skating school, six synchro teams have been created : Team Illumination (Senior), Team Illuminettes (Junior), Team Illuminique (Mixed Age), Team Illuminice (Novice), Team Illumini’s (Juvenile) and Team Illumiloops (Pre-Juvenile).

The story 

« We started to do synchronized skating after doing shows for 22 years. In autumn 2012, we created with five synchro teams and did our first competition at Kempen Trophy Synchro in Turnhout in 2013 », said Ellie van Soest from Kids on Ice. Now the club has already six teams. It means around 90 skaters in teams, about 25 in training teams and about 50 in the Kids on Ice Skating School.

Synchro in The Netherlands 

In the country, except the Kids on Ice teams « at this moment there are 1 Senior team, 3 Mixed Age teams, and maybe 1 juvenile team », explains Ellie van Soest. She adds : « We’re giving our best in developing and expanding synchronized skating in Eindhoven (and surroundings) and The Netherlands ». 

Next goal, the Lumière Cup 

Ellie van Soest : « After a few years of doing competitions in other countries, we see it as a challenge to organize an international competition in The Netherlands. We were very welcome in France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Scotland and we would love to welcome teams to our beautiful ice rink. Our accommodation is a very nice one to organize a competition »

The first edition of Lumière Cup will be held in March 2017.