Hong Kong Team Bauhinia interviewed by a magazine


The Hong Kong team is gradually gaining media popularity. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

Very few people in Hong Kong have heard of synchro. Local magazine "Jessica" was one of the first to talk about our sport through an interview with Team Bauhinia. Read more to learn how they raise the public’s awareness about our sport.

"Jessica”, which is a local female lifestyle magazine printed in Chinese, recently interviewed the adult synchro team Team Bauhinia. We are happy to recap the interview to a wider international audience.

"Jessica” interviewed team coach Norris, captain Olivia, and skater Hannah. The journalist asked what synchro skating is all about. They explained how the team was formed and how they pressed on amid obstacles and attended the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competitions in Oberstdorf. In addition, they shared with the audience their fond memories about and lessons learned from practicing together as well as competing at events.

From the interview, readers can understand why they find synchro captivating and be moved by their infectious enthusiasm. If you can access “Jessica” September 2018 issue and read Chinese (or use a translation app), you should definitely do so to learn more about this team.