Memorial of LARA DERIC

Credits: Val Photo Design, Valerija Dujmovic

On 22nd and 23rd Croatia had his first unofficial competition – Memorial of Lara Deric. This is 8th figure and synchro skating competition in the row dedicated to a figure skater who died in a car accident eight years ago.

On Saturday Junior and Senior teams showed they short programs. Zagreb Snowflakes Junior skated their short program on the compilation from the movie Save the last dance 2. Nataša Bahat, the coach of the senior team for this year shorts chose the song of the French artist Indila « Dernière danse ».

Also, Basic Novice, Advanced Novice, and Novice teams showed they free programs. It is always exciting to see those little girls on the ice, reminding yourself how you looked back then.

Zagreb Snowflakes Junior /Photos credits: Val Photo Design, Valerija Dujmovic

Sunday free programs started around 2.30 p.m. and we were more than ready to flow in the 1960s and Beatles greatest music hits. New dresses for free program are still in the progress, so the Junior and Senior teams skated in the last season one. Junior team enjoyed their free program skating on music from the movie « The second best Exotic Marigold Hotel ».

The next competition for Croatian teams is on 18th of November. And there is still work and progress to be done.

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