For 11 teams, the season started this weekend in Lyon


The French team Zoulous did the best score in Senior N1 category. /Credits : Coralie Picturing (Facebook), 2016

On Saturday, October 22nd, 11 teams from Switzerland, Great Britain, and France competed on the Charlemagne ice rink in Lyon, France. It was the first occasion for many of them to show their new programs.

It's important to note that in the Senior national 1 and Junior national 1 categories, teams presented in Lyon only the short program.

In the Junior field, 5 teams were engaged last weekend. The victory went to the Jeanne d’Arc, the team from Rouen. The French Zazous finished 2nd and the Swiss Cool Dreams Junior earned the bronze medal. Two French teams competed also : the Chrysalides and the Black Diam’s.

3 teams, 3 nations for the Seniors. Les Zoulous (France) skated their new short on the theme of « Modern Dracula ». Cool Dreams Senior from Switzerland did the second best score in Lyon. Team Spirit from Great Britain concludes the category. This British team chose an acoustic version of Chandelier for the short.

Three other teams were also engaged this weekend. Chrysalides from France in Novice Advanced, Team Destiny in Junior national 2. The Chrysalides were also present in the Senior national 2.

On Sunday 23rd October, teams presented their free program. They received a video feedback with a judge and a technical specialist. They took some advice about the program. Them each team had a 40 min practice in front of a technical panel. The goal is to take an accumulated knowledge and experience from all the specialists.

Translation : Jura Synchro