Team Paradise, journey through 21-years history


For this last day of our « Special Russian » week, we take you to the heart of the most famous Russian team, Paradise : how long has this team existing ? Who created it and who is coaching it ? What are their most important successes ? Immerse yourself in the world of Paradise.

Team Paradise appeared in 1994 in St. Petersburg in Youth Figure Skating Sports Center of Olympic Reserve on the initiative of its director Tatiana Menshikova. Honored ice ballet dancer of Russia Irina Yakovleva was invited to be the main coach of the team. Her husband Alexander Yakovlev, also an honored ice ballet dancer, joined the team work later. Before that, they were soloists in Leningrad ice ballet during 24 years.

Team Paradise years after years... /Credits : Paradise

The story of the name "Paradise"...

The name of the team wasn’t chosen accidentally. It referred to Peter the Great (1672-1725) the founder of St. Petersburg. This famous character whom the Russians generally call Peter I or Pyotr Pervy is beloved in Russia, and all the more so in St. Petersburg, where he is rightfully lauded as the Founder of the City. The name of the team comes from his address to his favorite creation : he called his city “My Paradise”. 

Team Paradise and the official sponsor. /Credits : Paradise

The most important steps and victories... 

Five years after this creation, in 1999, Paradise team won National for the first time. In 2001 the team won their first international competition – French cup. During team’s existence, they won 41 competitions, including 18 international ones. Team Paradise took part in 22 National Championships of Russia and won 18 of them. This team has been permanent Champion since 1999. The numerous successes of the team led to the appearance of a sponsor. Since 2011, the Investment Industrial Company “Mavis” has been the sponsor of the team.

Ready for the Worlds...

The best result of Team Paradise at the World Synchronized Skating Championships is the 3rd place in 2015 in Hamilton, Canada. Also the team won small medals (ranking after in short program) at the World Synchronized Skating Championships: silver in 2007, gold in 2012 and bronze in 2013. Team Paradise is historically known for winning the first Final Grand Prix of synchro skating in 2015 in Barcelona. Today Team Paradise is working hard for the Worlds in a few days. This strong team is developing his own style, character and personality.