#JuraSynchroAwards: 5 teams, 5 categories


We walk on the red carpet just before the #JuraSynchroAwards ceremony begin. This week there is, for example, love, medals and a dance. If you also want to participate in the ceremony next week, do not forget to use the #JuraSynchroAwards when posting photos on social media.

We start with the "medals" category, heading South of the UK with The Gosport Allstars - Mixed Age.

In the "Let's Dance" division, the Russian Aquamarine team shows us a few dance steps.

"Synchro With Love" with a beautiful photo signed by the Canadians Ilderton Junior.

The Angels Elementary team from Wales "Shake Shake Shake" their dresses.

And we finish with a training "In The Street" with Finland's Ice Sympathy.

Have a great weekend and good luck if you compete this weekend!