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Marigold IceUnity will participate this weekend at "Dancing on Ice"


Camilla Sundgren, in the foreground, answers our questions about their participation in "Dancing On Ice". / Credits: Kirsi Laine Photography 

The current World Champions flew early Friday morning to London. The team from Helsinki (FIN) will be part of the upcoming British TV show Dancing on Ice.

"The Dancing on Ice UK crew contacted us already during the fall," said Camilla Sundgren, the captain of Marigold IceUnity, 2018 World Champions. What is it exactly? "Dancing on Ice is a TV show where they have professional skaters as coaches and they have celebrity guests as partners. It’s quite much like Dancing with the Stars, but on the ice," added the captain.

The team has left Finland on Friday morning for London and will stay in the UK until Monday for this event. The show will be recorded little outside London.

Keep the surprise until Sunday

Dancing on Ice will be broadcasted live this Sunday (Feb, 17th) at 6 PM (UTC/GMT+0) in the UK. The series can be seen on the ITV channel. "In Finland the show will be available approximately one week after," said Camilla Sundgren.

The show will remain a surprise for the viewers. Marigold IceUnity are unfortunately not allowed to tell anything about the program they’re going to perform or music or costumes until the show has come out in the UK on Sunday.