Jura Synchro Awards: A new ceremony has come!


Once again this week, we followed carefully the social networks to find the most beautiful synchro posts. Find out which teams have been spotted!

We are heading to Canada to begin this ceremony. The Nexxice Junior team was photographed in full lift and appears this week in the category "Like A Bird":

We love the "Synchro Hugs"! That's why we propose this week this touching picture of Team Evolution (CAN):

We could not miss the new synchro challenge: "Paradise Challenge" launched by Team Paradise skaters themselves! Will you be able to do as well as these two young Novice skaters of the Golden Edges team (FIN)?

In the "On and Off Ice" category, the US Intermediate Fusion Team is nominated this week:

We end up in the limelight with the young Mini Starlets team from Germany who passed this week in front of the camera. This is the category "Under the Spotlight":

Do not forget to use the #JuraSynchroAwards tag for your posts in the next few days. Maybe you will find yourself on Jura Synchro next Friday! By then, we wish you all a very good weekend and good luck for the competing teams!