Team Vizyon (TUR): "Our team has bonded better this season"


Team Vizyon finished 25th last year in Stockholm. / Credits: Team Vizyon

They are also preparing for the most-awaited competition of the season… The skaters of Team Vizyon from Ankara, Turkey, will participate in the 2019 World Championships in a few days in Helsinki. Zeynep Aydin, head coach, answers our questions! 

How is your the Turkish team doing?
We feel stronger than in previous years. It’s going really well and we are looking forward to being in Helsinki.

What's new in your team?
We don’t like to make changes when the competitions are coming close, especially before the Worlds. It feels more comfortable. Now, we are working on the small details, some technical corrections and skating lots of run through. One of our skaters had a serious injury and we might have change place but now she recovered, so everything remains the same. We’re also doing mental practices with our Sports Psychologist to calm down and be more concentrated during the event. For the programs, we are trying to make better elements, especially the travelling Wheel! This season’s Short Program is quite challenging! Also, we are working on the feelings and on the presentation of the programs.

Compared to last season, how your team has improved? 
Our team has bonded better this season. We travelled to France for the French Cup. It was a great experience for our team. Our communication skills, self-discipline, skating, contribution to the programs, etc. has improved overall. Because we love to skate and be together.

You had this season the help of Canadian experts in synchro!
Yes, Victoria Smith, from Nexxice, is our angel. She helps our team for a few years and we are still working together. And I usually consult experts from Finland and from the USA too.

Here is the Turkish team 2018-2019. / Credits: Team Vizyon

Could you present us your two programs this season? 
Our Short Program is about a storm, which comes at a peaceful night and destroys everything suddenly, but then it goes away and leave us with the peaceful calmness and remind us that there is no stop in time and everything comes and goes. All you need to do is to carry on.
Our Free Program is a compilation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. We have the Esmeralda, Quasimodo, Frollo and the peasants. It’s really fun to watch my skaters in this program telling this unforgettable story.

How do you prepare your skaters for the Worlds?
First of all, I always tell them that to skate in the World Championships is nothing like everybody can do. It's a privilege! They should enjoy the moments they spent together in that atmosphere and be proud of it. Everything else is done by now and we do so many off-ice practices to feel more strong.

When are you leaving for Finland?
We are arriving on the 10th, early in the morning. We’ll rest and be ready for the practices and the meetings that day.

There is only one week left for Team Vizyon to refine its programs (here on their own ice rink in Turkey). / Credits: Team Vizyon

Have you ever been to Finland? What do you think of this country?
I’ve been to Finland a couple of times before and I really want my skaters to be there. Everybody is so kind and warm. The healthy eating habits, the productive education and sport system is inspiring. Our Great Leader M.K. Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey) had a book collection and there is a special book about how Finland has built by its people from the zero and he wanted all the Turkish youth to read this book and get inspiration for their lives. I admire this country.

Will your fans follow you from Turkey?
They will follow it online. Because all the tickets are sold out, we couldn’t find any. But there will be some Turkish people who live in Finland and found a ticket to watch the competition!

As a coach, what are you saying to your athletes?
Be mindful, be proud. Trust your training, trust each other. We always say this to our team with Victoria.