Jura Synchro Awards: Just Before the Worlds


This is the last Friday before the Helsinki Senior Worlds. A good opportunity to take a little look at the synchro planet. Here are 5 teams selected in 5 different categories.

We start with the "On The Ice" category with Team Trinity representing the Trinity Skating Academy of Toronto, Canada.

We continue with the Icebreakers (FIN) and their "Family Portrait".

In the "Selfie" category, team Pirouette+ from Russia.

Before the Worlds, here is Team Icicles (GBR) in a "Warm Up" session.

To close this ceremony, the category "Show Must Go On" with skaters of Valley Bay Synchro from Finland.

The next #JuraSynchroAwards will be published on Monday, April 15th, for a special "Worlds" edition.

Until then, you can continue to post your photos on Instagram with the #JuraSynchroAwards and you'll maybe be part of the next ceremony.

Have a great weekend everyone!