Jura Synchro Awards: Hello June!


June is almost here. The ice is melting, but the athletes selected this week are still very active. Discover 5 synchro teams who share their love for synchro on social networks.

We start with a "Synchro Kiss" given by a Junior team from Canada.

We are now going for a "Brunch" with the Finnish team Starlights.

Let's stay in Finland for the "Team Building" category with this funny video published this week by the Riverbulls ...

Dans la catégorie "Summer Training", nous retrouvons The Wales Synchronized Ice Skating Academy.

Finally, here are the Wasa Team Skaters. They are nominated this week in this ceremony for their "Team Power".

Have a great weekend, and by next week, do not forget to share your team moments on social networks.

Use the #JuraSynchroAwards to maybe be part of the next ceremony!