Hi Shanghai !

The Shanghai Trophy 2016 took place this weekend in China. The short programs has been organized on Friday, free programs on Saturday and the event finished with exhibition programs on Sunday.

Six senior teams participated at this 2016 Shanghai Trophy.

Team Paradise from Russia won another gold medal with a total score of 205,33 points.

Haydenettes from Lexington, USA, presented two great programs and finished 2nd.

Team Surprise impressed the judges with their free program. This Swedish team, who won the competition in the free, maintained at the end its 3rd position.

The World champions 2015 and freshly Canadian vice-champions 2016 NEXXICE placed 4th this year in Shanghai.

Marigold IceUnity, the 2016 Finnish vice-champions, earned a good 5th place while Team Berlin 1 from Germany drew up the rear with a great free on Phantom of the Opera.


Entry to the Shanghai Trophy competition has been by invitation. Participation in the competition was open to the top five placed ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2015 and one team of the hosting ISU Member. Each country could send one team to Shanghai, who ranked amongst the top 10 places of the ISU World Standings for synchronized skating.

Many teams decided to show their lifts during their Shanghai city tour. /Credits: Paradise, Haydenettes, Team Surprise, Team Berlin 1

The organizing committee provided prize money for the final placed synchro teams. With their 1st place, Team Paradise earned 9’000 USD, the American Haydenettes received 8’000 USD, Team Surprise 7’000 USD, and so on until Team Berlin 1 who collected 3’000 USD. These amounts don’t include the participation of the exhibition gala.

Shanghai Trophy 2016 - SENIOR ISU

1Paradise (RUS)71.38133.95205.33
2Haydenettes (USA)66.86134.15201.01
3Team Surprise (SWE)65.27135.10200.37
4NEXXICE (CAN)63.50127.61191.11
5Marigold IceUnity (FIN)64.82123.68188.5
6Team Berlin 1 (GER)53.62104.54158.16

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