Jura Synchro Awards: Off-Ice is Fun


You are waiting for it every weekend: Jura Synchro Awards are back! This is a special ceremony this Friday because we are featuring the best off-ice training posts published by synchro teams around the world. So are you ready?

Let's start this ceremony in Italy with the team Crazy Splinters (or rather "Crazy Pippers"). The skaters decided this week to try a stunning "Lift"!

The American teams Saint Louis Synergy are working hard in the gym. They are nominated in the category "Fitness"!

In the category called "Fun", the Hockettes (USA) win the Award! The teams celebrated their last practices before the summer break!

The most creative post of the week is from the skaters of the Magenta Senior Team (GBR). Indeed, they decided to reduce the "Lights" during their practice on ice to work their concentration.

We end this ceremony by taking the sun of Finland! The Advanced Novice Blue Arrows team has tried a great "Challenge" in the grass...

Do you want to be nominated at the next Jura Synchro Awards Ceremony? Use the hashtag #JuraSynchroAwards in your posts!

We wish you an amazing weekend and see you soon!