"Skaters from different teams link together to inspire the next generation"


Young skaters were able to take part in the camp and learn new synchro skills. /Credits: Danielle Woods

Our correspondent in the United States Tara Tahil participated a few days ago in the synchronized skating camp organized by One Team MVMT in North Carolina. She shares her experience in a commentary.

I had the opportunity to be one of twelve Team Captains this past weekend at the second annual One Team MVMT Synchronized Skating Developmental U.S.A. Camp in Raleigh, North Carolina. Skaters learned from a few top coaches from Canada, Finland, and the United States; and interacted with Team Captains from Team USA Senior Teams (Skyliners, Crystallettes, Miami Ohio, Adrian College) and Team Canada Senior Team, Les Suprêmes. As someone who lived for synchronized skating camps over the summer, it was an inspiring experience having the opportunity to lead a group of skaters who were in my position ten years ago. 

One Team MVMT’s mission is to unite the synchronized skating community (skaters, parents, alumni, coaches, fans, photographers, volunteers, officials, etc.) in an inclusive and positive fashion in order to raise awareness and grow the sport. This developmental camp helped push One Team MVMT’s mission forward by connecting skaters and coaches who frequently compete against each other. These wonderful coaches from all over the world and top skaters from different teams link together to inspire the next generation of skaters. There was one moment where I was demonstrating a drill with Marilyn Langlois (coach of Les Suprêmes senior), Jannika Lilja (former Marigold Ice Unity skater, now Triangle Formation coach), and Molly Farber (former Les Suprêmes senior skater). There is no other place in the world where I could have skated with these icons all at once. 

As a camper, my favorite part of synchro camps had always been meeting new people and making new friends. Even as a Team Captain, ten years later, I continued to build relationships with my fellow Team Captains who are also my competitors that are just as passionate about synchronized skating. In addition to forming new relationships, I had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my former teammates and coaches. I even worked alongside McKenzie Taylor, my very first Team Captain at the Hayden Synchro Summer Experience in 2008. 

It was a dream of mine to represent Team USA since I was ten years old, the same age as many of the campers. Skating alongside young skaters, answering questions about Team USA and college, and sharing my passion with the next generation was one of the most rewarding feelings. The 65 skaters involved in the camp were so talented, eager to learn new skills, and passionate about synchro. I have no doubt that in ten years, they will be able to achieve great things. 

After three days of hard work and lots of fun, we concluded the weekend with the next steps to pushing the sport forward. We discussed the value of being a good competitor, and practicing good sportsmanship as part of healthy competition. We were reminded of the undeniable love and passion we all share for synchronized skating, and that we can accomplish so much for the sport, if we work together.

“How do we grow synchro? We empower the next generation to be better! We collaborate with friends and competitors, share expertise, and create a community where inspiration and passion flow freely.” -Jordan Alexander, Skyliners senior

Thank you to the host organization Triangle Formation, coaches Marilyn Langlois and Maikki Merilheto, artistry specialist Paula Wagener, rhythm coach Billy Cuthrell from Progressive Music Center, Sports Nutritionist Sarah Heckler from The Endurance Edge, other off-ice presentations with tech specialist Lauren Neidig and physiotherapist Kristin Huppi and photographer Danielle Woods.

Tara Tahil