Trophy d’Ecosse 2016 in Dumfries, Scotland

It was the 5th edition for the Trophy d’Ecosse. The international competition took place this weekend (12th - 14th February) in Scotland and gathered teams all over the UK, but also from USA, Spain, or Australia.

In the Senior’s field, the Californian Team Del Sol returns home with the gold. Another American team places 2nd: ICE’Kateers. Team Nova from Brisbane, Australia, completes the podium.

Two teams competed in Advanced Novice category this year. Shadows did the best score in the free program. Team Sapphire from Madrid, Spain, placed 2nd.

Team Nova Senior represented Australia in Dumfries. They took the 3rd place. / Credits: Team Nova

The competition was tougher in Junior B with 4 teams from Great Britain engaged. Victory went to Solway Stars who presented a clear free program. Team Destiny is 2nd and Unum 3rd.

Mixed Age teams took also part at the competition in Dumfries. Rocking Robins did the best, they’re followed by Northern Dolphins and Gosport Allstars to complete this exclusively Britain podium.

Trophy d'Ecosse 2016 - SENIOR ISU

1Team Del Sol (USA)51.22105.58156.8
2ICE'Kateers (USA)41.31100.54141.85
3Team Nova (AUS)37.3982.16119.55
4Team Spirit (GBR)28.3562.7491.09
5Zariba (GBR)23.6154.8278.43
6Wight Jewels (GBR)23.0350.9573.98

Trophy d'Ecosse 2016 - ADVANCED NOVICE

1Shadows (GBR)39.96
2Team Sapphire (ESP)25.11

Trophy d'Ecosse 2016 - JUNIOR B 

1Solway Stars (GBR)23.1749.2572.42
2Team Destiny (GBR)24.2440.8165.05
3Unum (GBR)19.7939.6059.39
4Silver Blades (GBR)18.2434.0152.25

Trophy d'Ecosse 2016 - MIXED AGE  

1Rocking Robins (GBR)32.08
2Northern Dolphins (GBR)28.35
3Gosport Allstars (GBR)25.11
4Starlight Rain (GBR)21.19