Bradford Synchro Teams Shortlisted for the Women in Sport North Awards


The Mixed Age team Malachite is part of the Bradford Ice Skating Academy.

Synchro teams from the Bradford Synchronised Skating Academy have been shortlisted in the "Team of the Year" category for the Women in Sport North Awards. Those skaters come from the West and North Yorkshire region, in England.

"We are absolutely delighted that Bradford Synchronised Skating Academy has been shortlisted in the Women in Sport Awards. We offer a truly inclusive sporting experience across all age ranges allowing young people the opportunity to continue their sport into adulthood while providing the opportunity for those who may find the sport later in life the opportunity to enjoy the sport with others both competitively and non-competitively. The Academy has progressed significantly over the years and we look forward to the upcoming competition season," explained Adrian Jack, one of the coaches.

Team Pearl (Beginners)

Four competitive teams
Established in 2014, the Bradford Synchronised Skating Academy consists of Elementary, Preliminary, Mixed Age and Adult teams. The Academy currently comprises four competitive teams and one non-competitive team and is headed up by coaches Adrian Jack and Jennie Hughes.

The skaters come from across the West and North Yorkshire region, including Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and Harrogate.

This year, Team Sparkle Diamond, an Inclusive Skating group which allows those with additional needs the opportunity to take part in synchronised ice skating and Team Amber, an adult non-competitive team were established.

Team Amethyst is the Adult competitive team from Bradford.

The first British competition will be on Monday
The winners of the Women in Sport North Awards will be announced during the Women in Sport Northern Conference, which takes place at Huddersfield University on 8th November.

Note also that the Academy is currently recruiting for new members of all ages and in particular for the beginner team. 

As many British teams, the Bradford skaters will be competing in their first competition of the season in just a few days. Skate London Synchro Opens 2019 will take place on November 11th at Alexandra Palace in London.