Synchro’s passion beats in Salzburg

Mozart Cup is going to be one of the most important synchro competition in the world. Teams from the whole world competed this weekend in Salzburg, Austria. Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior reviews.

In Advanced Novice category, two Finnish teams rise to the top.

Dream Steps from Vantaa earns 51,54 points for their free program. Diamond Edges follows less than 1 point behind with 50,76.

A British team completes the podium: Shadows, who took the 3rd place (37,94 points) with by a tiny margin - 0,01 point -!

Ladybirds from Italy are 4th this year (37,93 points), and Team Berlin Juniors earns the 5th place with total points of 37,04 points. What a hotly contested competition! At the 6th place, Zouaves from Lyon in France then comes the Polish Ice Fire, and finally, Zagreb Snowflakes Novice who place 25,47 points.

Team Shadows, 2015-2016 / Credits: Shadows

By Junior, Russia is in good shape this season.

Team Crystal Ice from Moscow took the 1st place with a total score of 149,57 points. The team was 3rd after the short.

They stay 2nd: Lexettes, USA, who earn 148,23 points.

3rd and 4th places are very close. The Finnish Sun City Swing did a very good program and win the bronze medal. On the other way, Fire Blades was better in their short program (139,90 points). This team finishes with a wonderful 4th place with 139,55 points.

In general, a great level was observed in this big junior category this weekend.

Sun City Swing, 2016 / Credits: Sun City Swing

Senior category: the famous Marigold Ice Unity charmed judges and public this weekend. This team closed the competition with a great free program on Ying Yang’s theme and earns 190,31 points for their two programs.

At the 2nd place, Miami University, who win the silver medal in an orange-red costume.

The new Canadians Meraki place 3rd. This team from Toronto presented a very clear free program on « macabre dance » from Sephira.

Mozart Cup 2016 - SENIOR

1Marigold Ice Unity (FIN)64.52125.79190.31
2Miami University (USA)58.10106.30164.4
3Team Meraki (CAN)51.6699.55151.21
4Zoulous (FRA)47.1298.72145.84
5Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)40.96100.39141.35
6Team Passion (HUN)37.9791.46129.43
7Cool Dreams (SUI)39.7285.02124.74
8Olympia (CZE)38.5881.53120.11
9Kometa (CZE)32.5968.06100.65
10Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO)28.3958.0686.45
11Ladybirds (ITA)30.2453.3783.61
12Team Temptation (BEL)20.2551.0371.28
13Sweet Mozart (AUT)21.9443.5565.49

Mozart Cup 2016 - JUNIOR 

1Crystal Ice (RUS)48.34101.23149.57
2Lexettes (USA)51.2496.99148.23
3Sun City Swing (FIN)47.2792.63139.9
4Fire Blades (FIN)51.5987.96139.55
5Les Pirouettes (CAN)44.8290.80135.62
6Stella Polaris (FIN)45.7182.77128.48
7Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)38.8968.90107.79
8Team Berlin Junior (GER)38.8867.66106.54
9Team Darlings (CZE)38.2564.36102.61
10Icicles (GBR)31.0266.9998.01
11Ice On Fire (ITA)30.4764.7295.19
12Cometes (FRA)32.6358.5091.13
13Orion (CZE)33.3856.7190.09
14Jeanne D’Arc (FRA)28.9458.6087.54
15Cool Dreams Junior (SUI)27.2359.2786.5
16Diamond Laces Frostwork (HUN)32.6753.0285.69
17Ladybirds (ITA)30.2751.6581.92
18Zazous (FRA)27.1743.2470.41
19Zagreb Snowflakes Junior (CRO)22.0143.7165.72

Mozart Cup 2016 - ADVANCED NOVICE  

1Dream Steps (FIN)51.54
2Diamond Edges (FIN)50.76
3Team Shadows (GBR)37.94
4Ladybirds (ITA)37.93
5Team Berlin Novice (GER)37.04
6Zouaves (FRA)34.45
7Ice Fire (POL)30.44
8Zagreb Snowflakes Novice (CRO)25.47

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