Synchro's season has now really started!

Team Unique at the 2016 Finlandia Trophy. /Credits : Antti Lehto

Saturday evening, five skilful senior teams performed their short programs for the first time in front of an enthusiastic audience and officials in Espoo, Finland.

Team Paradise (RUS) was as strong as last season and won the competition earning 65,61 points. They skated very classical and delicate program "Listen" from Beyonce with smoothness and expressive body movements. The silver medalist Marigold Ice Unity (FIN) gathered 64,57 points. Their program "Matadors" was skated in Spanish style Paso Doble music. The choreography followed the music nicely and especially their circle element was something new and interesting. The third was Team Unique (FIN) with 62,04 points. They started the competition - and the whole season - with an energetic and interesting program called "TU goes Ramalama".

Team Revolution (FIN) ended up to the fourth place. Their program "Power of Africa" got 54,52 points. It was a nice and beautiful program, very pleasant to watch and with no big errors. The most unfortunate team in the competition was Rockettes (FIN). With three falls, they lost the control of the program for a while and got only 48,76 points.

The Senior podium 2016. /Credits : Antti Lehto

Nevertheless, the beginning of the program was promising but we have to wait until the first Finnish qualification on 5.-6. Nov 2016 to see most of these teams again. At this moment, the real competition towards to the Worlds in Colorado Springs will begin.

Next international competition will be next week; New England Challenged Cup in Boston USA. Team Unique headed their way there only a few hours after Finlandia Trophy. They will compete there with their both programs, short and free, and it will be interesting to see how judges score their short program there, just one week after the previous competition.

All results 

Finlandia Trophy 2016 - SENIOR ISU

1Paradise (RUS)65.61
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)64.57
3Team Unique (FIN)62.04
4Revolutions (FIN)54.52
5Rockettes (FIN)48.76

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