Synchronized skating grows on TikTok


Jura Synchro publish regularly some videos on the short-form video platform, as the Senior team Crystallettes (USA)!

Second most downloaded app last year with 738 million installs, TikTok includes now synchronized skating content. Jura Synchro, for example, has its own account for a few weeks.

"TikTok is a new platform and for a synchro skater it is the perfect place to let your creativity out in a multitude of ways," explains the owner of SynchroTikToks who wants to remain anonymous.

This synchro skater created recently an Instagram account especially to share synchro TikToks videos.

ADV picture
"I have seen other Instagram accounts like this for other sports and probably for around a month I debated starting this account. I never thought it would grow the way it did. I'm so grateful people enjoy it. Synchro isn't a big sport and there isn't much targeted for it on social media. With this account, synchro skaters can connect and see videos of other people like them from all over the world."

New on TikTok?
Follow #synchrotiktoks and #synchronizedskating to find videos about our sport. 

As a specialist, are there accounts to follow absolutely (except of course synchronized skating @JuraSynchro)?

"Not really. For me personally, I just follow accounts that interest me. Like I really like the one centered around psychology (@onlyjayus) and comedy (@mattpetitto) because I can learn something new or just laugh." 


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