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Finnish synchro teams will be allowed to go back on the ice!


In Finland, synchro ice training will slowly start again in June. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2020)

According to this week´s decision of the government of Finland, inner and outdoor sports grounds are opened in a controlled way beginning from 1 June. That means that next month, all skating teams should have the opportunity to skate again.

Finland Prime Minister announced on Monday that the country will begin lifting some of its coronavirus-caused emergency measures on 1 June. Next month, the restaurants and cafes will be allowed to open and groups of up to 50 people will be able to gather. 

Finland has coped fairly well with this corona crisis so far. In the country, there have been about 5,500 diagnosed infections and about 250 deads. The schools, libraries, museums and restaurants have been closed and most people who normally work in the offices have been working at home.

Finland slowly reopen

Now the corona situation seems to be in quite good control so society will reopen gradually. From the beginning of June, and due to the gatherings restriction up to 50 people, the synchro athletes will have the long-awaited opportunity to start again the practice with the full team. 

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The future seems brighter
Of course, the situation does not return quite similar, and the government warned that the "new normal" of living with the coronavirus crisis may last for a while; everybody must follow the hygiene instructions and be very careful with the social contacts. It also may happen that the corona situation becomes worse, in which case restrictions must return.

The teams are eagerly waiting for detailed information about the rules of the June training and now the future seems much lighter than for many weeks before this.

If everything proceeds well, maybe we can begin to dream about Finlandia Trophy in October?