Two Swedish teams will fly to the 2020 Junior Worlds


Avec Team Spirit, Team Seaside représentera la Suède au Championnat du Monde Junior 2020. (Crédits : Sébastien Muller - 2020)

Qualifications for the Junior World Synchronized Skating Championship are well underway. Two Swedish teams have been selected to represent the country in March in Great Britain: Team Spirit and Team Seaside.

Team Spirit
Team Spirit represents the Mölndal and Kungsbacka figure skating clubs located in the Gothenburg urban area on the west coast of Sweden.

The team is coached by Malin Heidenfors, Karin Ahlgren and Cathrine Wiberg. Team Spirit took the 9th place at the last Junior World Championship in Switzerland in 2019 and finished 8th at the Leon Lurje Trophy two weeks ago.

This year, Team Spirit's short program is called "A new beginning" and their free is "Haunted".

Their season's best score is 163.33! 

Team Spirit (here in Free Program dresses) won the main qualifications in Sweden this season. (Credits: Sébastien Muller - 2020)

Team Seaside
Team Seaside represents Tjörn's figure skating club. Tjörn is the sixth largest island in Sweden. To get there from Gothenburg, you need about 50 minutes by car and head north.

The skaters are coached by Therese Arvidsson and Jenny Sandberg.

Team Seaside placed 13th at the 2019 Junior World Championship last march. 

Team Seaside's short program is ”Moving On” by Sarah Dawn Finer. "This is a song about moving on from heartbreak, about being yourself and about being strong which is what we want to convey with our short program this season," wrote the team. The free program is called "Bird Box".

Their season's best score is 147.32 (Leon Lurje Trophy 2020).

Team Seaside in their free program. (Credits: Leon Lurje Trophy - 2020)

The Swedish Figure Skating Association is pleased that Team Spirit and Team Seaside will represent Sweden at the Junior World Championship 2020. "These teams have been our strongest teams at all events this season. The opportunity to compete at Junior Worlds is an experience that strengthens each of these athletes in the practice of the sport they love," says Scott Rachuk, sports manager at the Swedish Association (traduction Jura Synchro).

The ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championship will take place from 13th to 15th March, in Nottingham (GBR).