Top 10 best synchro interviews of the past season


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From Simoeemil Nurmela (FIN) and Hugo Chouinard (CAN) to Angelina Shapovalova (RUS) and Nadine Banholzer (SUI), here are the best interviews of the season 2019/2020.

Let's start with the men!
At the beginning of the summer, Jura Synchro introduced you to Hugo Chouinard, the musical arranger of many big international teams (Skyliners, Les Suprêmes, Helsinki Rockettes, Marigold IceUnity, etc). This musician from Montreal opened the doors of his studio, from which the music of the programs will soon be released.

Another great interview: Simoeemil Nurmelathe only male skater in Marigold IceUnity last season. He was our "Man of the week" in January and he was telling us his story!

More recently, Jura Synchro met Olivier Chapuis. This French synchro coach from Compiègne made us dream by taking us on his family trip around the world.

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Interviews with coaches
During the lockdown, Jura Synchro heard from the synchro teams through video interviews.

The "Synchro At Home" series first started with Kaisa Arrateig, the head coach of the Helsinki Rockettes in Finland. She explained how her team was able to stay fit during the pandemic.

Then, Jura Synchro traveled to the United States to meet Saga Krantz, coach of the U.S. Senior champions, the Haydenettes. She gave a lesson in philosophy to all synchro fans.

Finally, Marilyn Langlois, the head coach of Les Suprêmes in Canada was the guest of Jura Synchro. This interview (in French, with English subtitles) allowed fans to understand the challenges of our sport for the next season.

Let the synchro skaters speaking
Those who are on the ice themselves are the athletes! This year Jura Synchro met many synchro skaters who shared their stories.

One of the highlights was the interview with Angelina Shapovalova, the captain of the Crystal Ice Junior and Crystal Ice Senior teams. This athlete, who devotes her life to her passion for synchro, explained to us the difficulties of skating at such a high level in two teams at the same time.

Earlier in the season, you won't have missed the interview with Nadine Banholzer, a Swiss skater who returned to her country with a head full of ideas, after spending a few years with the Canadian team Nexxice.

The end of the season is also the time to say goodbye to a few athletes who are retiring from synchro. This spring, Camila Sundgren and Jordan Alexander delivered poignant testimonials on Jura Synchro.