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"We will bring something new to the Olympic events"

Christopher Buchanan from Great Britain was the former Chair of the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee at the ISU. In this interview, he looks back on this very unusual season.

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Despite the pandemic, they decided to go skating abroad (3)

Covid or not, some synchro skaters have listened to their hearts and pursued their dream. In this third and final part, synchro skaters share their fears as this new adventure approaches.

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New decisions from the ISU Council

The ISU Council met on March 2 via an online meeting and took several decisions about synchronized skating and the upcoming season.

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A total of 150 programs judged at the Tri-States virtual event

The Tri-State Synchronized Skating Classic took place virtually last weekend due to COVID-19 travel and rink restrictions. 196 synchro teams participated and exhibited their skills through a full program and/or "Best of Elements" event.

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