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    Elisa PARINI

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    "Hi, I'm Elisa and I've been a single skater discontinuously for many years. In 2013, I discovered synchronized skating and I initially thought that it was really strange seeing 16 people skating together! The next year at my home rink I was asked to try this discipline and so my synchro career began… Firstly I was really scared by having other people attached to me (my first wheel? I shouted like a damsel in distress!! XD), but then I've come to understand the passion and the hard work needed to create a synchro program and now I love the sport very much. Within my team I found a second family and I'm happy whenever I can go and skate with them! In the future I hope to be able to pass on the passion by becoming a coach."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Different souls combining together to create one big heart. "

Last news by Elisa PARINI

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Third national competition and second live event for Italian synchro skaters

After months of uncertainty due to the pandemic outbreak, the Italian federation has finally allowed the return to regular competitions.

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Team Ladybirds (ITA): "This pandemic will not stop us!"

On March 9, 2020, the rinks closed due to COVID-19 in Italy, to limit the spread of the virus and thus protect the health of the population. What about the evolution of the situation of Team Ladybirds in Milan?

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New titles for Hot Shivers at the Italian National Championships

The past weekend, two Junior and three Senior teams competed to be crowned Italian National Champions. The competitions were held in Bergamo, a city near Milan.

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Trento Cup 2019 opens the Italian Synchronized Skating season

This past weekend Advanced Novice, Junior, and Senior Italian teams confronted themselves in Trento Cup. It was an international Synchronized and Single skating competition valid to acquire the minimum technical element score (TES) and be able later to join other international competitions.