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    Emmy WILDE

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    "I'm a former synchronized skater. I have skated in several teams (Juvenile up until Senior) for The Netherlands and Belgium. I also coached synchro teams in Belgium for a few years. Besides my full time job, I am a guest coach for any team who needs help with their development. This is a way to keep in touch with the synchro community and to keep my knowledge about the sport up to date! I love to share my love sport this sport with anyone else. "

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchronized skating is a part of my life. It has taught me many valuable life lessons and I've made many friends around the world, who I would never have met without this beautiful sport. "

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Away from the ice rinks, this coach realized his dream

During the Covid-19 outbreak, many coaches and skaters had to deal with the fact that they wouldn’t be on the ice for a very long time. Olivier Chapuis, head coach from the synchronized skating teams in Compiegne, France, hasn’t stepped on the ice for over 10 months! Why? In September 2019, he started a trip around the world with his wife and son. He had to come back home early because of the coronavirus.