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    Agathe MERLIER

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    "I started synchronized skating at 10 years old and I fell in love with it! In 2013, after having had the chance to represent France, I joined Les Suprêmes Sénior team in Montreal, Canada. I love to chat and meet new people through our sport, and I also started a blog where I tell my story! "

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "hanks to synchronized skating, I was able to live incredible experiences, discover new countries and cultures, as well as meet people as passionate as me. I wouldn't trade this for anything, it's my second family!"

Last news by Agathe MERLIER

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Sarah Vuoppola (part 2): "We should be able to be at the same level or even better"

A few days ago, you were able to discover the story of Sarah Vuoppola, a young Swedish girl who decided to change her life to join the team of her dreams: the Helsinki Rockettes. Discover now her adventure in this new team, and her way of preparing and maintaining morale in the face of this challenging season!

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Sarah Vuoppola, the Swedish skater among the famous Helsinki Rockettes (part 1)

Sarah Vuoppola, 26, was born in Sweden, Gothenburg. Two and a half years ago, she decided to follow her heart and join the team of her dreams: Helsinki Rockettes. Apart from skating, she studies interior design and works in a theatre cafe in Helsinki. In this first part of the interview, discover her story and what pushed her to change her life!

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Synchro skater testimony: "We will come back stronger"

Like many teams in Quebec (CAN), Les Suprêmes have not been training since the beginning of October. The measures introduced by the Government still allow individual practices, but the lack of synchro strongly affects the morale of athletes. Agathe Merlier, senior skater and also correspondent for Jura Synchro, shares her feelings in this editorial.

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Yurika Ando: "Skating abroad has changed my life"

Yurika Ando is 22 years old and grew up in Shiga, Japan. A year and a half ago, she left her family to live her dream in Germany. Back on her career and her experience with her new team, Team Berlin 1.