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Amélie DE TOMI

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    Amélie DE TOMI
    Founder | Journalist | Editor

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    "I fell in love with synchro at the age of 10 during a competition in my country. So I skated several teams in Switzerland and I never stopped since. Beside that, I got a Bachelor's degree in letters and a Master's degree in Journalism and Communication at the University of Neuchâtel and Geneva and I now work in journalism and video production. Today, I like to put my skates and tap on my keyboard to convey my passion."

    What does synchronized skating mean to you?

    "Synchro helped me to grow, to persevere, to learn, to travel. Above all, thanks to this sport, I’ve met wonderful people who were sharing the same passion… By creating Jura Synchro, we wanted to help this wonderful sport to develop too."

Last news by Amélie DE TOMI

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The ten events that marked 2020

The coronavirus set the tone for 2020, shaking up the world of sport in general, and of course synchronized skating. Jura Synchro has put together the events that marked this special year.

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Virtual synchro skating events: will we have to get used to them?

The first virtual synchronized skating competition took place on Sunday. This is a solution which does not replace in-person competitions, but which helps maintain the motivation of the athletes. [EDITO]

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Synchro skating would not be the same without them!

Synchronized skating would for sure not be the same sport without "Synchro Moms"! Those who give everything for the passion of their children or who were themselves, synchro skaters a few years ago. Three mothers tell us about their experiences. And to share experiences, Jura Synchro is launching a new group on Facebook!

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Finland makes the whole world dream [EDITORIAL]

Taking advantage of a "stable" COVID situation, Finland resumed last weekend its synchro season. After eight months of waiting, what a pleasure to finally live again synchronized competitions! With masks and fewer spectators in the arena, back coming and competing at a price.